Engineering traction coils for the excavation and railroad industries requires special expertise. At Southern Electric Coil, we have that expertise and over a 75 year track record to go with it. We design and engineer new coils to our customer’s exact specifications and ship them quickly. We also design and manufacture a new coil using a customer’s used or damaged coil as a model.

Not surprisingly, our quick turnaround combined with Southern Electric Coil quality sets the industry standard. It’s one of the reasons our customers keep coming back. In addition to design, engineering and repair capabilities, we also stock certain edge wound coils, so you can count on us to have what you need when you need it. Call us for a quote and availabilty.

  • Coils Manufactured from New Copper

  • We Offer Repairs for Turns, Leads and Reinsulated Coils

  • We Have a Fully Trained Staff of Both Coil Insulators and Winders

  • Emergency Service Available

  • Traction Coil Brochure PDF