Our field coils are known throughout the industry for dependability. The fact is, very few coil manufacturers have our library of field coil data. We’ve been doing it for better than three quarters of a century. We design to precise tolerances. We will install coils on your pole piece using the latest in potting compounds. Our revolving coils are completely wet-wound with Class H epoxy.

To back up our claim of dependability, you’ll get something else with your Southern Electric field coil… a warranty. One year for revolving (synchronous) field coils, two years for all others. For reinsulated field coils, we provide a one year guarantee on the re-insulation. Call us for a quote.

  • Southern Electric Coil Manufactures All Types of Field Coils; Series, Rotating, Compound, Shunt, and Interpoles

  • Class H Epoxy Ensures Dependability

  • Emergency Service Available

  • Field Coil Brochure PDF