Brake Coils
It seems most cranes typically last longer than the coils needed to keep them running. Manufacturing brake coils for cranes is a specialized business. It happens to be a business at which we excel. We wind brake coils for most crane repair applications and are also able to manufacture from your customer’s specifications or sample data. To ensure quality, our coils are resin bonded between conductors, which greatly extends coil life. If required, resin potting into steel casings is also available.

Contactor Coils
Our contactor control coils are precisely wound onto fabricated or molded bobbins. Using customer supplied specifications or samples, we can duplicate contactor coils and keep that older equipment in service longer. Make Southern Electric Coil your number one source for these hard-to-find parts for older equipment. We’ll keep the coils coming to keep your equipment powered from within. Call us for a quote.

  • Class F and H Insulation Available

  • A Large Quantity of OEMs Available

  • Quick Quotes (same day/hours)

  • Emergency Service Available